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Summer is here and that means standup paddle boarding season has begun. A great time to catch up with Dorothy Jordan of Nicola Valley Paddle Company, before she spends all her days on the water! If SUP {standup paddle boarding} is on your list {and it should be!}, then you can catch up with Dorothy at her base at Nicola Lake, or you can call her at 250-378-9002, email her, check out her website, or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. I sure am looking forward to my first paddle boarding lesson!


Dorothy! Thanks for taking the time. How about you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your company?


Hello Merritonians, folk of the Nicola Valley! I’m Dorothy Jordan (Dot), owner/operator of Nicola Valley Paddle Company. It’s a community based outdoor resource centre featuring premier quality stand up paddle board lessons, tours, rentals and sales. I'm a mobile outfitter offering instruction and guided tours that suit all levels of ability here in the Valley and surrounding area.

Facilitating safe adventures, with a deep and growing connection to nature. I offer empowering outdoor experiences through lessons, workshops and clinics for the whole family. My goal is to offer customers/clients an experience on the water that goes beyond paddling. For me being on the water, is about connecting to oneself and the natural world, the outdoors. My desire is to nurture this connection to the water, by way of paddling. No matter what your age or physical ability, I love to be able to share the stoke of "walking on water”. Nurturing oneself, connecting to the outdoors, just getting outside to BREATHE!


I'm sold already and can't wait to book my first lesson with you. Do you have a motto for your company?


"Kick off your boots and Get on Board”


Love that! No excuses for anyone, not even the cowboys :) What do you find to be the biggest challenge for your clients, and how do you help them with it?


If I’m introducing the customer to SUP for the first time, then the biggest challenge is making that individual feel comfortable, confident, to Standing Up. My programs all start with a session on dry land first. This time is not only for the customer to get comfortable but allows myself as a certified instructor to assess each person individually. Allowing the best guidance, direction and support possible. Participants always take part in both on-water and land based components. We cover topics from equipment and safety to proper paddling techniques. Always set up in the best of learning environments, outside, surrounded in the beauty that Mother Nature offers. 


That sounds like it just has to be a great experience for all! How long have you been in business?


NVP Company is not just a business, it’s a way of life. I jumped on a Paddle Board in San Diego about 10 years ago. Shortly there after I had an amazing opportunity to explore the Great Bear Rainforest on a Stand Up Paddle Board on a 7 day expedition with a dear friend and mentor, Norm Hann. That week literally changed my life. There was something magical about the GBR. Very magical. To do it whilst on a stand up paddle board, was absolutely life changing. SUP and more so wilderness ocean touring on our coast had taken my heart, soon after it was a way of life. I have been extremely fortunate to be mentored by the best of the best in the SUP Industry. So here I am in living in the Nicola Valley sharing the stoke of SUP. 


Wow, that sounds amazing! And we're pretty fortunate to have a true SUP ambassador in the Valley.


I love being a SUP ambassador and I would proudly like to add that I’m an Ambassador for the StandUp4GreatBearSociety. 


Do you also belong to any industry associations? 


Professional Stand Up Paddle Association (PSUPA). It’s an INTERNATIONALLY  recognized education association of like minded paddling professionals, established by leaders in the SUP industry, dedicated to promoting the sport of Stand Up Paddling through instruction and community support. I’m a certified PSUPA instructor as well as a Paddle Canada certified. 


Great to have a professional instructor available here! What do you love most about being a business owner?


I’m extremely motivated and enjoy the fact that my business is extremely flexible and therefore I am able to accommodate clients. For me, it’s about sharing the stoke!  Sharing the knowledge, experience and the love I have of my business with others.  


And what do you like least about being a business owner?


Absolutely NOTHING negative comes to mind about being a business owner. I love what I do. My office is the great outdoors. My days are spent sharing my knowledge with others. Empowering clients.  


A true entrepreneur! What’s the best business advice you’ve ever gotten?


That’s a tough one. It would have to be “to follow your passion” The possibilities are endless. It's much easier to let go of things that are draining when I’m focused on the what excites me. My business excites me. I'm all wrapped up in my passion. It’s so cliche to say "I’m living the dream”. But I have to say, I most certainly am. 


Your excitement is contagious! What do you like to do in your free time, when you’re not running your business?


Free time? Ummmm, you’ll probably find me on the water. Yep. Spending every moment of the day filling my soul with what I love to do. Sharing the stoke, talking story. So for me, my business, is my free time. It’s one in the same.


You really are living the dream. What’s your favourite social media platform and how can your customers connect with you there?


Instagram is my first choice for social media. However for customer contact, I’d have to say it would be Facebook.  No one wants to talk on the phone anymore. I like talking on the phone.


Talking on the phone is a trend that's coming back and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! What do you love about the Nicola Valley?


I’ve always been a cowgirl at heart. Nicola Valley is certainly a very good fit for me. Cowboy Country. I have to admit it’s been fun trying to spread the SUP love here in the valley.     


And you are definitely spreading the love. What Inspires you? 


I find inspiration in the outdoors and nature. It’s were I continually reconnect to myself and the things that are important to me. I’m also constantly inspired by others who are living their lives on their own terms. Who are passionate and excited about where and who they are and what’s ahead. People who are making a difference in unique and creative ways. I’m forever grateful to my mentors that live their lives, sharing their passion with me, inspiring me on a daily basis. It’s because of them that "I’m living the dream”.


Dorothy, thanks so much for taking the time, it was a real treat talking to you!


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