Mission and Vision


My mission is to provide support to small business owners in Merritt, the Nicola Valley, Logan Lake, and beyond {roughly a 100 km radius around Merritt}.



This includes free resources like information for growing and marketing a business, a free Facebook group, and spearheading collaborations. It also includes paid offers like creating websites and social media strategies, as well as offering workshops and business coaching. 

My vision is to help create a thriving small business community in Merritt and area, with business owners who earn enough money to give back and make their communities a better place for everyone.


About Me


Hi! My name is Kerstin Auer and I'm the entrepreneur behind the Merritt Small Business Centre. 


I moved to Merritt from Germany with my family in January 2008. While working at Home Hardware for 5 years {I love the construction and building industry!}, I built my business as a side hustle starting in 2010. In September 2013 I pulled the plug and took that side hustle full time. {You can read about the top 10 lessons of my first 4 years of running Auer Freelance on my other website.}


A lot of my time from 2013 - 2017 was spent working online. I wrote a few books, wrote for magazines and other blogs {you can see my portfolio here}, and supported other business owners in growing their businesses. 


I connected with many fantastic entrepreneurs online, but some of my favourite connections happened on the local level, with people like Danielle Bertoia, Melody Simon of RE/MAX Legacy, and Tricia Graham of Interior Savings Credit Union. Those women, those friends, inspired me to choose better over bitter {thanks, Melody!}, make entrepreneurial dreams happen in a small town {thanks, Danielle!}, and make a real difference in the community {thanks, Tricia!}. 



That's what the Merritt Small Business Centre is all about - choosing collaboration over competition and helping each other thrive. Join me!