Mission and Vision

My mission is to offer a space for small business owners and freelancers to cowork + collaborate in a supportive, creative, and social setting.


Also part of the Merritt Small Business Centre is a free Facebook group for business owners in Merritt {+100 km}. It includes downloadable resources for entrepreneurs, as well as the opportunity to participate in collaborations with like-minded business owners. 


My vision is to help create and support a thriving small business community in Merritt and area, with business owners who earn enough money to give back and make Merritt and their communities a better place for everyone.


About Me


Hi! My name is Kerstin Auer and I'm the entrepreneur behind the Merritt Small Business Centre. 


I moved to Merritt from Germany with my family in January 2008. While working at Home Hardware for 5 years {I love the construction and building industry!}, I built my business as a side hustle starting in 2010. In September 2013 I pulled the plug and took that side hustle full time. {You can read about the top 10 lessons of my first 4 years of running Auer Freelance on my other website.}


A lot of my time from 2013 - 2017 was spent working online. I wrote a few books, wrote for magazines and other blogs {you can see my portfolio here}, and supported other business owners in growing their businesses. 

I connected with many fantastic entrepreneurs online, but some of my favourite connections happened on the local level, with people like Danielle Bertoia, Melody Simon of RE/MAX Legacy, and mortgage broker Tricia Graham. Those women, those friends, inspired me to choose better over bitter {thanks, Melody!}, make entrepreneurial dreams happen in a small town {thanks, Danielle!}, and make a real difference in the community {thanks, Tricia!}. 


That's what the Merritt Small Business Centre is all about - choosing collaboration over competition and helping each other thrive. Join us!