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I'm thrilled to launch the latest collaboration of the Merritt Small Business Centre - an adventure tourism website called Nicola Valley Adventures. The idea for it was born in February, as members of the Merritt Small Business Centre brainstormed collaboration ideas. First we tackled the coupon book, then we started working on a pad map of Merritt {watch for it in early June}, and alongside it we started developing an adventure tourism website.


Why tourism? Because we felt that it would have the biggest possible {positive} impact on our community and its businesses. Plus, I have worked with tourism clients on a daily basis for the last six years, have made extensive contacts in the industry, and acquired in-depth knowledge of how to develop and present a tourism brand to a global audience. Pair that with the expertise of some of our members in the agri and outdoor sector, super talented local photographers who graciously donated their images, and the huge potential of experiences in the Nicola Valley, and voila - task force Nicola Valley Adventures got to work. 50 development hours and countless group chat messages later, we were thrilled to unveil the finished site.


And now the real work begins: listing all the fabulous accommodations, dining experiences, and shopping experiences on the site so we can start promoting them to an adventure tourism audience. Let me tell you about that...


screen shot of home page / image courtesy of Claudia Ruppitsch {@my_canadream on Instagram}
screen shot of home page / image courtesy of Claudia Ruppitsch {@my_canadream on Instagram}

Let's back up for a minute and talk about our "why". Our "why" is to create a platform that will not only provide information about the adventure experiences the Nicola Valley has to offer, but also promote the fantastic businesses that are the backbone of those experiences and provide a valuable service for our visitors. The theme is collaboration, because together we are better!


Now let's talk about the "how". We've invested our money and time to create this platform and launch it, and now we're taking listings to operate the site and social channels and promote the Nicola Valley and its businesses to the adventure audience. What's in it for us? To be able to make a contribution to creating the kind of community we want to live in and be proud of. Yup, that's right, that's all we're getting out of it. It's a collaborative effort of the Merritt Small Business Centre, and every single cent we collect for listing fees goes right back into advertising Nicola Valley Adventures.


We were able to secure a few sponsors right off the bat {thank you, Melody Simon Re/Max Legacy, and Merritt Plumbing Services, for being such great supporters of this community!} and some listings are in the process of being set up, but we'd love to have your listing on the site as well, and promote what you have to offer!


You can download our media kit, but I can also tell you that we're taking listings for shopping experiences, places to eat, and places to stay, and we're charging $79 {plus GST} for the remainder of 2018. In return, we will set up a custom page on the Nicola Valley Adventures site and promote your business on our social media channels and in blog posts. If your business has no connection to the tourism industry, but you would like to be involved and support anyway, then you can come on board as a sponsor or even contributor to the blog. 


We're also planning a festival & events page, and we'd love to feature your event with its own page on the site in exchange for free admission or registration, which we will of course give away on social media to further promote your event.


In case you can't tell, we're really excited about this and we'd love to have you on board. It's all about collaboration and promoting the Nicola Valley. Let's make it happen together!


Get in touch with any questions, and to book your listing on Nicola Valley Adventures.


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